Building a Support System for Your Recovery

Recovery support can take many forms and provide multiple benefits, including inspiration, accountability, education and sober social activities. Tips for building your support system include the following:   Let professionals help. Addiction and mental health treatment providers can work with you on issues that affect your relationships. They can help you learn conflict management skills…


Choosing A Trauma-Informed Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum or arise without cause. Often, addiction develops because people turn to drugs or alcohol to manage discomfort or distress, which is due to the ongoing effects of trauma. Quality addiction treatment providers recognize these effects and make every effort to ensure that you’ll feel safe and secure during treatment.…

Getting Sober After a Setback

Getting Sober After a Setback | Addiction Recovery

The path to sobriety is often a rocky one, full of hills to climb and curves to navigate. It is completely normal to experience a setback or even relapse on the lifetime journey to maintain your recovery from addiction. Life is full of circumstances that can make alcohol and drug abuse recovery challenging. The passing…

woman thinking about benzos and alcohol

The Impact of Combining Benzos and Alcohol

Benzodiazepines, which treat many types of conditions, primarily in the mental health category, have strict warnings to avoid taking them with alcohol. Combining benzos and alcohol can lead to many issues. These include overdosing, having too strong of an effect, and creating dependence on both substances. At The Right Step Hill Country, our dual diagnosis…