a person asks a therapist, "is addiction a disease?"

Is Addiction a Disease?

Is addiction a disease? This question is largely debated in the professional field of addiction treatment. Understanding the nature of addiction helps both the therapist and the person recovering adopt the right treatment plan that sustains a long-term recovery. Therefore, while the question “is addiction a disease?” is not paramount to successful recovery, knowing the …

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a person explains the myths about drug and alcohol rehab to another while sitting on a couch together

Myths About Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When hearing myths about drugs, you should first ask yourself where the source of information is coming from. Can you rely on your friends more than an expert in drug research? Is a celebrity more reliable than a treatment specialist? The fact that myths about drug and alcohol rehab, recovery, and substance use disorders exist …

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a family hugs by festive lights, a great idea for a sober new year's eve

Ideas for a Sober New Year’s Eve

If you’re in recovery, celebrating a sober New Year’s can seem like an imposing task, especially in early recovery. During addiction, holidays, especially ones that encourage drinking, typically involve parties and intoxication. This can make it hard to find ways to have a fun, sober New Year’s. Luckily, many Americans are in active recovery, so …

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people hold sparklers in the cold, spending time with friends is one of many tips for a sober holidays

Tips for a Sober Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, you may be wondering how to survive the next few weeks without drinking. After all, the season can create a lot of stress and temptations that trigger a relapse. However, getting through the holidays is possible with a little preparation and strategy. Learning to manage stressors and triggers takes constant work …

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a person looks out on a lake thinkning about addiction mental health and your brain

Addiction, Mental Health and Your Brain

There’s often more to addiction treatment than just treating addiction. Addiction frequently co-occurs with one or more mental health conditions, and treating them together in a coordinated and integrated way, leads to the best outcomes.Sometimes multiple conditions arise independently, but they’re often connected. There are different ways that substance use disorders and other disorders of …

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a person comforts another who is addicted to meth

Is My Loved One Addicted To Meth?

Methamphetamine addiction is a severe problem in the United States. The drug is highly addictive and extremely detrimental to physical and mental health. If you or someone you love is developing a meth addiction, it is vital to seek help as soon as possible. The treatment options available at meth addiction treatment centers can help …

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a person holds their head beside a toilet dealing with the dangers of binge drinking

Dangers of Binge Drinking

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances as it is readily available and widely advertised. People drink alcohol for various reasons, including to socialize with others, for enjoyment, or even to escape problems. However, many people indulge in alcohol excessively, which is also known as binge drinking. There are many dangers of binge drinking …

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