Learn about The Right Step Hill Country when selecting your future drug addiction rehab, and discover the best choice in treatment.

About The Right Step Hill Country

Woman smiling outside after learning about the Right Step Hill CountryThe Right Step residential drug rehab provides comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders for adults. Addiction professionals, on-site psychiatric care and 24-hour nursing will help you build recovery skills and healthy lifestyle practices that promote long-term recovery. We are located in Wimberley, halfway between Austin and San Antonio, on a lovely 30-acre campus featuring separate cottages for men and women, a swimming pool, a fitness room, a volleyball court, and a sports court for basketball or tennis.

The Right Step offers a scenic, private atmosphere, which serves as an inspiring backdrop for working on substance abuse recovery. When discovering all there is about The Right Step Hill Country, you will be impressed by its lovely grounds, thorough treatment programs, and compassionate staff.

We work with most national insurance providers to minimize out-of-pocket treatment costs. In fact, we also accept Medicaid.

Specialized Treatment for Adults

Our Hill Country residential alcohol and drug rehab programs are designed for adults struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Our experienced treatment team identifies and addresses the underlying issues that have interfered with your ability to quit using drugs or alcohol. We focus on the positive skills learned if you’ve had previous treatment experiences and help you gain resilience and other essential recovery skills to propel you forward on your recovery journey.

A Typical Day

What is a typical day like at our Hill Country addiction treatment center? While each individual schedule will vary, here’s a peek at what a typical day might look like:

  • Mornings – Clients have time in the morning before breakfast to use the gym. After the morning meal, you’ll participate in meditation time and set goals for the day. Then the rest of the morning is filled with various group therapy sessions.
  • Afternoons – You enjoy a delicious lunch at noon. Afterward, clients attend more small groups, practice yoga, do errands, and so on. Late afternoons usually include quiet time to work on assignments, Big Book study, 12-step meetings, and experiential groups where clients engage in mindfulness or relationship-building activities as well as have time for the seasonal outdoor pool or gym.
  • Evenings – After dinner, clients typically participate in 12-step meetings, exercise, as well as group sessions that allow you to reflect on the day.

Relapse Prevention

When you learn about The Right Step treatment center, you’ll come to see we understand the importance of addressing the underlying issues that fuel addiction. Therefore, we delve into past trauma and obtain proper treatment for any co-occurring mental health disorders. We also help you acquire healthier coping skills to replace destructive ones such as substance abuse.

Customized Treatment Plans

Treatment begins with an in-depth assessment to identify the underlying and previously untreated parts of the self or past events that have gotten in the way of your recovery. Based on this assessment, our clinicians create personalized treatment plans that draw from a variety of targeted addiction therapies. For example, these can include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Gender-specific and mixed-gender process groups
  • Experiential therapy groups, educational groups, and a 12-step meeting introduction
  • Coping skills group, meditation, and yoga
  • An intensive family program
  • A focus on emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, co-addictions, and other compulsive behaviors

Core Therapeutic Approaches

Some of the therapies and approaches we may use in your treatment plan include:

Family Therapy

Structured support for families is a core component of our treatment.

Trauma-Based Therapies

Unresolved trauma and grief often lie at the root of addictions. By utilizing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and other trauma-based therapies, we bring these issues to light.

Welcome to The Right Step

Welcome to The Right Step Hill County, where our compassionate addiction treatment staff welcomes you to begin your journey to a healthy life.

Don’t let drug or alcohol addiction hold you down in life. Now that you know about The Right Step Hill Country, contact us for help at 1.844.675.1628.