Addiction Treatment for A Loved One

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You never want to watch someone you love go through something terrible. Loving someone who’s an addict is hard, and feeling hopeless and like you can’t help them is even harder. But you have more of an ability to help than you think. Finding quality addiction treatment for a loved one can be everything they need.

What’s Involved in Getting Addiction Treatment for a Loved One

Girls embrace thanks to addiction treatment for a loved oneOur staff is here to create an individualized addiction treatment program based on your loved one’s specific needs. We used evidence-based therapies and programs as well as holistic methods of treatment to ensure they get the exact care they need for their issues. Our admissions staff will help guide the intake process and make sure your loved one has nothing to worry about but focusing on their recovery.

If your loved one is looking to use insurance to fund treatment, we work with most national insurance providers. In addition, we also accept Medicaid.

Be Their Person

One of the biggest things your loved one will need throughout recovery is someone to lean on. Recovery is a hard thing to do on your own. Even if they’re in a treatment center, it’s ideal to have someone on the outside to support them. If their addiction has hurt you, their treatment also offers family therapy for friends and family members to work through issues that stemmed from your loved one’s addiction.

Giving Your Loved One the Best

The Right Step Hill Country is a trusted addiction treatment center for a reason. Our staff offers compassion and care every step of the way throughout your loved one’s recovery. Our facilities aren’t designed to look like a medical rehabilitation building. It’s a home away from home where your loved one can be as comfortable as possible while they work towards sobriety.

Get Them the Help They Need

It’s time to start your loved one on the journey to recovery. Help them take that first step. Call us today at 1.844.675.1628 for everything you need.

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