Addiction Therapy Programs

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, the addiction therapy programs are necessary for comprehensive healing. Once you complete the medical detox program, you will benefit from discovering addiction therapy programs in San Antonio, TX. At The Right Step, a group of professional medical staff will assess your situation, provide a diagnosis, and put you on the right track for therapy.

Addiction Therapy Programs

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At The Right Step, we understand the importance of therapy. In fact, we know how critical it is to complete healing. Detox is an important step in recovering, but it is just the beginning. Without a comprehensive therapy plan, the risk of relapse increases. An addiction therapy plan after detox ensures you understand what the underlying causes were that led to drug addiction. In addition, you explore the triggers that lead back to drug addiction. Through understanding these fundamental elements, you will break free from the cycle of addiction. For example, some of the specific therapies include:

Individual Therapy

By meeting one-on-one with a trained addiction therapist, you have an opportunity to address trauma and past issues that contribute to substance abuse. As you explore your inner pain, you find the strength to face the present. In addition, you’ll learn how triggers and cravings play a part in the addiction process and learn how to overcome them.

Group Counseling

Group therapy is a wonderful way to bond with others who are going through something similar, and you will learn from others. Also, group therapy helps facilitate an open and free atmosphere so that you feel comfortable opening up. Your peers provide new insights into drug addiction that you may not have considered. Through the therapist’s guidance, you will also discover things that are relevant to you and your peers in treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is an evidence-based therapy that helps you recognize negative thought patterns that lead to self-destructive behaviors. During therapy, you discover what these negative thought patterns are, how you developed them, and, more importantly, how to eliminate them. You’ll discover new, adaptive ways to deal with challenging situations.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

This form of cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you understand and embrace who you are while also challenging you to make necessary changes. In dialectical behavior therapy, You will learn mindfulness techniques that help address life’s difficulties and regulate overwhelming emotions.

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