Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

Opioid addiction issues are affecting communities from shore to shore. The number of people who are abusing prescription painkillers, fentanyl, and heroin is simply mind-boggling. Absent any kind of immediate solution; the country needs to take steps to help addiction sufferers. For now, opioid addiction treatment centers will have to serve as the first line of defense in the battle. In our drug and alcohol detox center in San Antonio at The Right Step, we plan to answer the call so we can help you overcome opioid addiction.

Why an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center?clients sit in a group therapy session in an opioid addiction treatment center

When a significant opioid addiction issue becomes apparent, what choices does the addiction sufferer really have? The answer is one. The only viable treatment option is going through viable opioid addiction rehab at an inpatient rehab center. That’s right, codeine addiction sufferers need a codeine rehab program, and oxycodone addiction sufferers need an oxycodone rehab program. 

Sure, there are plenty of self-help programs on the internet. What all these programs fail to do is address the driving force behind the addiction sufferer’s addiction. How is that helping? The individual might stop using for a while, but eventually, their issues are going to cause a relapse. That doesn’t work. If someone is serious about recovery, they will need to get help from an opioid addiction treatment center.

The Treatment Process

Most addiction therapy programs in San Antonio, TX for opioid addiction follow a common formula. The formula typically includes a detox program, an individual therapy program, and a group therapy program, followed by providing aftercare programs

In our Texas opioid addiction rehab, we don’t necessarily offer separate codeine rehab programs or oxycodone rehab programs. We are an opioid addiction treatment center. As such, we often use a standard formula with custom options. In this day and age, that’s a pretty typical approach in the addiction treatment community. 

Given the serious nature of opioid withdrawal, it’s important for opioid addiction sufferers to use a detox program. Some of the potential withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening if the addiction sufferer isn’t paying attention. We are talking about opioid withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Severe respiratory problems
  • Issues with blood pressure and rapid heart rate
  • Body tremors and convulsions
  • Wild hallucination and nightmares
  • Psychological problems that lead to anxiety, depression, and potentially suicide
  • Severe cramping in the stomach region
  • Difficulty with body function

As bad as these symptoms can be, a medically-monitored detox program provides a safe environment for detoxing.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Programs

The heart of what takes place in an opioid addiction treatment center program is intensive therapy. The purpose of therapy is two-fold. First, the client and their therapist will work towards figuring out why the clients need to self-medicate through their life. Finding causation is vital to the addiction treatment process. Why? The clients need a basis for developing the right coping skills to avoid chronic relapses. That’s the second purpose of therapy, providing the client with the tools they will need to stay clean. 

After finishing rehab, the client needs to stay aware of the fact they don’t need to make a recovery alone. There are aftercare resources available to help keep them stay on the straight and narrow path of recovery. 

The Right Step Hill Country – Opioid Warriors

All addiction treatment centers have a responsibility to help in the fight against opioid addiction. We are the ones who have the resources and experience to make a real difference. In our organization, we take that responsibility to heart. That’s exactly why our therapists and staff members work so hard to provide every client with the help they need. Here are some of the treatment options we have in our offering:

You don’t have to surrender to your opioid addiction. You can find the strength to fight back. To help you with the process, you can find resources from a reputable opioid addiction treatment center. At The Right Step Hill Country, we are in a position to give you what you need. All you need to do is ask us for help by giving us a call at 1.844.675.1628


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