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a family smiles with each other after finding help from a family therapy programThe media doesn’t often focus on the collateral damage addiction can cause. People often hear a lot about drugs, alcohol, and the people struggling to quit using them but not as much about the destructive nature of addiction. That nature is never more evident than when the focus is on the family unit. It’s no coincidence that family therapy has become an essential part of addiction treatment programs across the nation.

At Promises Right Step Hill Country, we are dedicated to helping people struggling with addiction and their families heal. With evidence-based and holistic treatment options, finding the right help has never been easier. Find out how our addiction therapy programs can help your family get back on track after addiction by calling 1.844.675.1628 or contacting us online today.

How Addiction Affects the Family

Before family therapy has a chance to work, there needs to be a clear idea of how a person’s addiction is affecting family members. Essentially, we can classify the effects on family and friends into three categories as follows:

  • Enablers – These are the family members who have an awareness that substance use problems exist. Setting that knowledge aside, they tend to do things to enable their loved one to continue their addictive behavior. A good example of this would be the family member who gives the addiction sufferer money when they know where that money is going. Basically, enablers do nothing to help.
  • Co-dependents – This group consists of friends and family members that allow themselves to participate in drama. If the addiction sufferer steals money, it’s usually from co-dependents. These people sit by and watch their lives crumble while they try to help their loved one. Without the drama, they begin to suffer.
  • Avoiders – These are the friends and family members that give up on their loved one. They carry around anger and offer nothing in the way of moral support. These are also the folks that are least likely to participate in a family therapy program.

The Benefits of a Family Therapy Program in TX

Every family therapy program for addiction has a very specific purpose. The most basic goal of family therapy for addiction is to bring the family somehow back together. One family member’s addiction can cause issues between other family members, exclusive of the addiction sufferer. When the family unit splinters, a family therapy program is the best way to bring family members back together.

Many of the tools a therapist uses focus on teaching family members to communicate in constructive ways. They need to learn or relearn how to effectively express their feelings to one another without stepping on toes. If family members can learn to communicate among themselves, they’ll likely find it easier to deal with difficult situations.

In the end, the most important goal of family therapy is to provide those struggling with drugs and alcohol with an important support resource. Recovery is a difficult process. It’s an even taller mountain to climb if the person in recovery has no support from the most important people in their life. With family support, the person in recovery’s odds of staying sober go up exponentially.

Right Step Hill Country Brings Family Units Together

No matter what other programs our therapists might prescribe, the family is usually part of the process. Addiction treatment programs require a lot of hard work and time. When our therapists create a treatment program, they want it to work the first time. Making sure family members are on board with the process enhances the likelihood of success. For a clear understanding of what we do, here are a few of our treatment services:

  • Evidence-based therapies – These are therapies proven to work, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing.
  • Individual and family counseling – Counselors work together to bring family units back together.
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment options – We offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, depending on the needs of the person in recovery.
  • Detox programs – We offer detox programs to help patients transition from substance abuse to sobriety.
  • Relapse tracking program – Our relapse tracking program helps to ensure that our alumni remain in recovery.
  • Alumni programs – Our alumni program keeps recovering addicts connected to their peers.
  • 12-step programs – 12-step programs offer individuals a place to turn when they don’t feel like they have anyone else to talk to.

Family Healing at Right Step Hill Country

If addiction is adversely affecting your life and family, you have options. For yourself, addiction treatment is the answer. Family therapy could make a big difference in rebuilding your support system.

Since there is no cure for addiction, you will need to work diligently on maintaining your sobriety for the rest of your life. A family therapy program can help you rebuild bonds with your support system, so you don’t have to endure recovery alone. The first step you must take is to reach out for help. At Promises Right Step Hill Country, we can offer that help when you contact us at 1.844.675.1628.

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