Addiction Treatment Programs

Working with addiction treatment programs is the best way to ensure your journey on the pathway to healing takes you where you want to go. Solid addiction treatment programs help uncover the root causes of addiction, giving you a greater chance of preventing relapse. At The Right Step, our treatment program is designed with a holistic view in mind.

Texas Addiction Treatment Programs

Our Texas addiction treatment programs focus on healing the root cause of addiction as well as preventing a relapse back into drug or alcohol use. In order to accomplish this, we use a core unit of therapy as well as a customized approach. We realize that everyone is unique and will benefit from customized therapies, but will still need the core components of our therapy modules.

Customized Treatment Plans

Treatment begins with an in-depth assessment to identify the underlying and previously untreated parts of the self or past events that have gotten in the way of your recovery. Based on this assessment, our clinicians create personalized treatment plans that include:

  • Specific individual therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, and more
  • Experiential therapy groups such as music, art, and recreational therapy
  • Educational groups to inform you about addiction behavior
  • A 12-step meeting program, coping skills group, meditation, and yoga
  • Therapy that focuses on emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, co-addictions (such as gambling and sex/love/relationship addiction), and other compulsive behaviors

Core Therapeutic Approaches

The core therapies and approaches at The Right Step addiction treatment center include:

Individual Therapy

The type of individual therapy you obtain will be customized to fit your specific needs. If you have more intense mental health needs, then the therapist will recommend an appropriate strategy.

Family Therapy

Drug or alcohol addiction causes a disruption in the family unit. Families need to mend from the trauma that drug addiction causes. Therapy seeks to heal the shattered pieces of broken families.

Trauma-Based Therapies

Many times at the core of addiction behavior is unresolved trauma and grief. If therapists don’t address these issues, then drug use may occur again in the near future. We utilize trauma-based therapies to bring these issues to the surface so that they no longer fuel the relapse cycle.

Treatment Plans

When selecting The Right Step addiction treatment center, you have your choice of several treatment plans, including:

Introducing The Right Step

Welcome to The Right Step Hill Country, a scenic, relaxed, private atmosphere in the famous Texas Hill Country. Our location provides an inspiring backdrop for working on substance abuse recovery. You’ll establish resilience in the face of difficulties and learn to live a fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol. Our compassionate staff has years of experience to assist you on your journey to a healthy life.

At our facility, you’ll find a broad range of treatment options that include inpatient detox, intensive outpatient care, and also aftercare programs —all designed with patient comfort in mind. Dedicated therapists provide professional and expert aid in helping clients find the road to recovery.

Don’t let drug or alcohol addiction hold you down in life. Start the process with addiction treatment programs and reach out today. We work with most national insurance providers and also accept Medicaid. Contact us at 1.844.675.1628, and we’ll guide you on the pathway to healing.

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