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a nurse talks with a client at an outpatient rehab programIf you have a substance abuse problem, The Right Step Hill Country in San Antonio, Texas, offers treatment during the early stages of addiction. We can prevent substance abuse from becoming something that destroys your life. Our outpatient rehab program provides a variety of treatment options that do not interrupt your family and work life, including cognitive-behavioral therapy programs.

An outpatient program at our Texas addiction treatment center gives you the flexibility you need when you cannot commit to inpatient therapy. Your individualized care plan can include one-on-one treatment, support groups, holistic treatment, and aftercare programs. Contact The Right Step Hill Country today by calling 1.844.675.1628 to get started.

When Should You Seek Addiction Treatment?

The sooner you seek addiction treatment, the better. If you wait too long to get help, your addiction will progress and become more challenging to treat. But no matter how severe your addiction is, it’s never too late to get help. We offer a variety of treatment options that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Recognizing the signs of addiction can be difficult, but doing so can help break the cycle of addiction so you or a loved one can strive toward a happier, healthier future. Some common signs of addiction include:

  • Changes in behavior
  • Problems at work or school
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Loss of interest in hobbies
  • Financial problems
  • Mood swings

If you notice any of these signs in yourself or a loved one, don’t wait to get help. Our outpatient rehab center in San Antonio, Texas, can provide the support needed to walk the road to recovery.

Why Choose an Outpatient Rehab Center?

You may recognize the signs of addiction that indicate you need professional help from a substance abuse treatment program. However, family or work commitments may keep you from entering inpatient rehab. We provide flexible options for outpatient treatment that are more suited to your lifestyle. During your treatment, you will receive the same uncompromised level of care and commitment.

We can create a treatment plan that works around your schedule. You can meet with your therapist and find a support group. Additionally, you can participate in holistic therapies and activities such as massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, nutrition, and meditation. You may also find that outpatient treatment is a more affordable option for your budget.

A Trusted Outpatient Rehab Center in San Antonio, Texas

Our outpatient rehab center is ideal if you are motivated to stop drinking or taking drugs but need flexibility due to work, family, or other circumstances. Besides our outpatient rehab program, we offer additional treatment options, such as:

  • Drug and alcohol detox – We offer a structured and comfortable environment for the process of detoxing from drugs or alcohol, complete with a 24/7 nursing staff.
  • Residential treatment – If you are dealing with a severe addiction and require more care, our residential treatment provides extended support to assist in the recovery process.
  • Partial hospitalization program – This type of treatment helps you transition from a residential to an outpatient setting while still providing intensive therapy and support.
  • Intensive outpatient program – Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) allows you to continue your treatment on a part-time basis.
  • Sober living – We provide a supportive living environment to help you stay sober and successfully transition back into the real world.
  • Alumni programs – After completing treatment, our alumni program offers ongoing support and services to maintain your sobriety.

One of the highlights of our outpatient rehab program is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT helps reduce drug or alcohol use by changing thoughts and behaviors that lead to substance abuse. It can also teach you coping strategies that will help you stay sober when faced with difficult situations.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Programs at Our Outpatient Rehab Center

Cognitive-behavioral therapy programs use an evidence-based form of therapy. CBT teaches you how to turn negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings into more positive and productive ones. The key to CBT is identifying negativity in your mind and how it triggers your addiction. Identifying negativity can be effective for something as simple as stress or as complicated as bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder.

Your therapist at The Right Step Hill Country will help you identify destructive thinking patterns and then teaches you how to systematically replace them with positive thinking. There are several techniques within cognitive-behavioral therapy that a treatment specialist can use in your treatment.

Since CBT is a short-term therapy, we use it to help you get to the next level of your treatment program. Once you identify the factors that lead to and fuel your addiction, you are ready to move on to strategies for long-term recovery.

Get Help at The Right Step Hill Country’s Outpatient Rehab Program in San Antonio, Texas

If you feel that you are powerless to overcome your addiction, our team can help you. The Right Step Hill Country has the amenities, programs, and certified staff to help guide you from addiction into recovery. We are committed to helping you find a life free of alcohol and drugs.

Find the help you need today at our outpatient rehab center—contact us at 1.844.675.1628.

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