Promoting The Stigma Against Addiction

Are You Promoting Addiction Stigma?

Words have power. What we say about addiction impacts the stigma around it. Saying words like “addicts,” “alcoholic” or even “drug-fueled” can cause problems. Stigma can lead a person to keep their addiction a secret. They may also avoid seeking help.   You may not even be aware that you are promoting stigma, but a…

family therapy the right step hill country

What does Family Therapy Look Like?

Family therapy has shown to be a very effective part of substance abuse treatment, but if the thought of it seems daunting, that’s understandable. It’s not unusual to feel nervous about something with which you may not be familiar. Let us demystify what family therapy is and help you and your family gain clarity on…


Building a Support System for Your Recovery

Recovery support can take many forms and provide multiple benefits, including inspiration, accountability, education and sober social activities. Tips for building your support system include the following:   Let professionals help. Addiction and mental health treatment providers can work with you on issues that affect your relationships. They can help you learn conflict management skills…