Woman hiking with group for addiction treatment and the great outdoors

Addiction Treatment and the Great Outdoors

Addiction Treatment and The Great Outdoors: Finding Healing in Nature Most of us know from experience that getting into the great outdoors can lift our mood and help us feel better physically and mentally. Research proves that our instincts are right and that getting outside is good for us. For people with addiction issues, both…

Woman looking the mirror wondering "is drug use aging me?" trying to understand how drug use effects the body

“Is Drug Use Aging Me?” The Effects of Drug Use

You may be wondering, “Is Drug Use Aging Me?” When considering what causes accelerated aging, it’s important not to overlook drug use. At its most basic, aging is simply the process of getting older. Wisdom and perspective can come with age, but so does physical decline. As the days, weeks and years pass, our bodies…

Married couple talking about being a functional alcoholic and alcohol abuse

Is Your Partner a Functioning Alcoholic? 4 Helpful Tips

It’s not easy to realize and accept that alcohol abuse has become part of your partner’s life. Are they a functioning alcoholic? You may see it more quickly than your partner does. You may recognize that drinking is increasing in frequency and amount. Your partner may seem irritable or nervous when they haven’t had a…

Man eating for nutrition and addiction recovery

In Recovery for Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Nutrition Matters

The importance of nutrition is often overlooked in the recovery process. If you’re eating enough to maintain your weight, you may assume you’re getting everything you need, but that may not be true. “Recovery” means gaining back what you’ve lost, and in addiction, one of the things that people have often lost is nutritional balance.…

Woman hold a glass thinking about alcohol abuse and alcohol rehab

Surprising Signs of Alcohol Abuse in Others

When you think of alcohol abuse, what comes to mind? Your understanding of alcoholism might miss people who hide their harmful alcohol use. A person you know could be hiding their alcoholism in plain sight. Many people with alcoholism have jobs and parenting responsibilities. They take part in society and may include people you would…

Woman using CBT for Addiction Recovery

Why Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Help Addiction Recovery?

One of the standard therapies used for addiction recovery and mental health treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). There are many versions and forms of CBT, but they share the principle that thoughts and core beliefs affect feelings and actions and that paying attention to our thoughts can help us change unwanted feelings and behaviors. The…

Illustration of woman living with OCD and addiction

OCD and Addiction: Does Addiction Affect OCD?

Treating all co-occurring mental health conditions simultaneously in a coordinated way makes addiction treatment most effective. When someone has both obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and addiction, addressing both leads to lasting healing.   Understanding OCD A study reported in the Journal of Anxiety Disorders found that 27% of people with OCD had a substance use disorder…