Aftercare Programs

Once you complete your initial rehab program, you may want to continue your treatment to prevent a relapse. Right Step Hill Country offers an array of aftercare programs for both drug and alcohol addiction. Our San Antonio family therapy programs are geared toward helping you maintain a life without substance abuse.

You can choose from support groups, housing, continued therapy, or holistic treatments. To find out more about a Texas aftercare program at Right Step Hill Country, feel free to contact us today. At Right Step Hill Country, the first step is yours. We’ll help with the rest. 

Why Aftercare Programs Are Vital to Your Success

Many individuals who complete a treatment program fall back into addiction. This is largely due to the patients not having a support system in place once they reenter their home and work life. If you don’t want to undo all the hard work that you’ve put into your recovery thus far, the solution is signing up for an aftercare program. 

Aftercare programs offer healthy environments, support groups, education, and motivation for you to keep going even when you get tempted. It is the ultimate safety net against addiction relapse. If you are serious about lifelong sobriety, then consider engaging in Right Step Hill Country aftercare programs once your treatment is complete.

Treatment Options for Aftercare Programs

Our rehab aftercare program in San Antonio, TX gives you several options for treatment, including:a a woman thinking about aftercare programs

Residential treatment is the highest level of care and is best if you have severe addiction or multiple treatment attempts. A Texas aftercare program typically lasts for 28 days. However, our treatment centers also offer long-term residential programs. When completing a residential program, your treatment team ensures that you receive substance abuse aftercare information. 

Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs can serve as a substance abuse aftercare program following residential care or can be the first step in your recovery journey. Outpatient programs can meet every day of the week or for several days weekly. The time commitment varies but typically allows you to continue or return to work or school.

Developing a Relapse Prevention Plan

Your recovery story is unique. Therefore, your relapse prevention plan should meet your individual needs once you complete your rehab.

A Right Step Hill Country treatment specialist will meet with you to go over all of your treatment options and develop a roadmap for a successful recovery. If you are managing a mental disorder, your relapse prevention plan includes treatment for your condition.

The right aftercare programs will address issues such as: 

  • Managing the stress in your life
  • Understanding your triggers
  • What to do if you have cravings
  • How to connect with support groups
  • Reconnecting with family and friends
  • Staying physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy 

You can also choose whether you want to continue one-on-one counseling with your therapist. You decide what level of care you need, and we can help you develop the right aftercare programs.

Creating a Support Network for Your Recovery

Everyone who completes treatment at Right Step Hill Country alcohol and drug rehab center in Texas is eligible for our two-year aftercare programs. Led by licensed clinicians, our weekly aftercare groups provide support, counseling, and access to addiction recovery resources and referrals. 

In addition to having the support and guidance of addiction professionals, you’ll stay connected to others who are active in their recovery and share similar struggles and successes. A network of like-minded peers is a critical component of long-term recovery.

Your Road to Recovery Begins Here

Getting back to your normal life can be just as scary as it is comforting. Right Step Hill Country can help you reconnect with family, work, social life, and healthy living through our rehab aftercare program in San Antonio, TX. To find out more about our aftercare programs, call us at 1.844.675.1628. At Right Step Hill Country, the first step is yours. We’ll help with the rest.

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