Individual Therapy Program

A drug and alcohol addiction comes with more than just physical symptoms. Many are mental or emotional, as well. That’s why, upon entering Texas addiction treatment programs, many people will enroll in an individual therapy program. This type of therapy has numerous benefits, including many long-term ones. If you have considered rehab and were told you would partake in individual counseling, here’s what you need to know.

What is Individual Therapy?female patient smiles while talking to a therapist in individual therapy program

An individual therapy program involves meeting one-on-one with a licensed therapist or counselor. The goal behind this type of therapy is to uncover the root of your addiction problem and then address it head-on. Meetings normally take place around once a week or so for about an hour each session. 

As you progress with your recovery, your counselor will gradually reduce the frequency and/or length of your sessions. Upon completing our program, many clients require only “maintenance” sessions once every other month or so.

Key Components of Individual Therapy for Addiction

Therapists use multiple tools to help clients overcome addiction and deal with any underlying mental health disorders. For example, they may use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT to help people change their thought patterns. By changing how you look at things, you can often avoid stressful situations that might cause you to consider using drugs or alcohol. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) aims to change how you act in certain situations. Counselors often use it to eliminate negative behaviors such as abusing drugs or alcohol. However, it is useful in treating suicidal tendencies and harmful behaviors such as self-mutilation as well. 

When it comes to individual therapy for addiction, most counselors use a combination of techniques. They base those techniques on your personal mental health conditions, life situations, and a number of other factors. 

Benefits of an Individual Therapy Program

Individual therapy is something that benefits people of all dependency levels. Accordingly, it is one of the primary methods used by Texas addiction treatment programs such as ours. It allows people to talk about their thoughts in a private setting with just themselves and their therapist. As such, those who feel uncomfortable in group settings often find it easier to talk about things that bother them. 

Many with an addiction problem often suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, or depression. Individual therapy allows you to address these conditions. That’s important because mental health conditions and addiction often go hand in hand. By treating both in a dual diagnosis treatment center, you can actually speed your recovery and better manage it long term.

Our clients are understandably nervous about starting a new treatment program. After undergoing an individual therapy session, most of them are then able to relax. In turn, this allows them to engage in their goal of reaching full sobriety.

Other Programs

In addition to an individual therapy program, we offer a wide range of other services that are designed to help you get and stay sober. A few of the ones you may encounter at our rehab facility include:

You’ll begin with drug and alcohol detox to rid your body of harmful substances and learn to manage your cravings better. From there, we will assess your level and type of dependency to create a custom treatment plan just for you. 

Our service to you doesn’t end there. Through our aftercare and alumni programs, you’ll find the ongoing support you need to live a sober life even after you have left our facility. You may also continue with individual therapy as long as you wish.

Get Help Overcoming Substance Abuse

Beating a drug or alcohol addiction requires a personalized approach to treatment. At The Right Step Hill Country, we offer individual therapy and other services that allow for a very high level of success. Get started on your recovery journey today by calling 1.844.675.1628 to speak with an intake specialist.


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