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a person looks on as another struggles with risks of alcohol abuse

Risks of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol, just like any other drug, has both its effects and withdrawal symptoms. As such, you cannot ignore the risks of alcohol abuse and expect to stay healthy, especially if you drink excessively. Many people who are struggling with alcoholism end up neglecting essential family and work duties. Interestingly, abusers of the substance will continue …

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glasses of beer clinking which begs the question how addictive is alcohol

How Addictive Is Alcohol?

Alcohol is among the most addictive substances in the world, next to heroin, cocaine, and nicotine. Millions of Americans struggle with alcohol—some after their first drink. With so many people falling into the grips of alcoholism, it’s essential to recognize how addictive alcohol is to avoid falling into a pattern of alcohol abuse. For many, …

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a person sits at a bar possibly with both alcohol and depression

How Alcohol and Depression Are Related

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism can cause serious medical and mental health problems, which can shorten your life expectancy and diminish your overall quality of life. Because alcoholism leads to significant neurotransmitter imbalances, alcohol and depression often co-occur. Although alcohol is legal, it is also widely abused because it has the potential to cause both physical …

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father and son sitting on log talking about whether alcoholism is hereditary

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Your genetic structure determines a lot of things about you, including your health, physical disposition, psychology, and behavior. As such, your behavioral traits influence your thinking and behavior. Part of your behavior may include your predisposition to abuse drugs or alcohol. So is alcoholism hereditary?While genes alone do not determine if you will become an …

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Man running for exercise and alcohol recovery

Importance of Exercise and Alcohol Recovery

Researchers are interested in and are beginning to understand why physical activity is associated with addiction recovery. In the broadest terms, we know that exercise is good for our bodies and that our brains are part of those bodies. So it makes sense that exercise would positively affect a brain condition like addiction. Whatever the …

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Man clutching stomach with wine of the table, emphasizes effects of Alcohol on gut health and importance of gut health

Effects of Alcohol on Gut Health

The importance of gut health is hard to overstate. Most of us are familiar with the bloating, burning, nausea and general discomfort that can come from stomach issues. But what about the effects of alcohol on gut health? There’s much more to the story, though.The food we eat that keeps us functioning is broken down …

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Elderly woman with a glass of vodka showing her drinking problem and alcohol abuse

Your Parent and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse may look different in a middle-aged or senior adult than it does in a teenager.There are physical and psychological signs, and some may be mistaken for symptoms related to aging. Here are some things to look for:Drinking frequently or in large amounts is one of the most obvious signs of a drinking problem. …

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Married couple talking about being a functional alcoholic and alcohol abuse

Is Your Partner a Functioning Alcoholic? 4 Helpful Tips

It’s not easy to realize and accept that alcohol abuse has become part of your partner’s life. Are they a functioning alcoholic?You may see it more quickly than your partner does. You may recognize that drinking is increasing in frequency and amount. Your partner may seem irritable or nervous when they haven’t had a drink …

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