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person scratching head in confusion while dealing with complications related to alcohol and memory

How Alcohol Impacts Your Memory

Alcohol consumption is often associated with socializing and having a good time. However, as enjoyable as drinking may be, it has some detrimental effects on the body. One of the areas in which alcohol has a significant impact is memory. Alcohol and memory have a complex relationship that affects both short-term and long-term memory. The […]

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A person who needs alcohol recovery resources near San Antonio, TX

Alcohol Recovery Resources near San Antonio, TX

When someone you care about is living with alcohol use disorder, life may feel overwhelming. Problem drinking, perhaps more than other forms of substance abuse, is easy to rationalize since alcohol is legal and socially normalized. Nonetheless, the risks of alcohol overdose are serious for those who drink heavily and drinking poses a host of

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Man experiencing signs of alcohol poisoning

Warning Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol is legal to drink for people of age in this country, and relatively easy to obtain even before the legal age is reached. It’s a drug that is, in fact, extremely habit-forming and dangerous. There are numerous alcohol-related fatalities each year and the number of people whose lives and relationships are negatively affected is

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a person sits at a bar possibly with both alcohol and depression

How Alcohol and Depression Are Related

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism can cause serious medical and mental health problems, which can shorten your life expectancy and diminish your overall quality of life. Because alcoholism leads to significant neurotransmitter imbalances, alcohol and depression often co-occur. Although alcohol is legal, it is also widely abused because it has the potential to cause both physical

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father and son sitting on log talking about whether alcoholism is hereditary

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Your genetic structure determines a lot of things about you, including your health, physical disposition, psychology, and behavior. As such, your behavioral traits influence your thinking and behavior. Part of your behavior may include your predisposition to abuse drugs or alcohol. So is alcoholism hereditary? While genes alone do not determine if you will become

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