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a doctor explaining to her patient CBT Vs DBT


Addiction causes major alterations to your brain chemistry, which is a major reason why treatment is almost always required in order to fully recover. Addiction is treated with both evidence-based and holistic therapies, which includes treatments like CBT and DBT. But what are the differences between CBT vs DBT and which one is best for …

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a family taking advantage of the Benefits of a Family Program

Benefits of a Family Program

Addiction can destroy a family. Family members can argue and fight about how to best address a loved one’s drug or alcohol problem, which can create instability and dysfunction. The impact addiction has on families is why the benefits of a family program have convinced rehabs and drug treatment centers to offer family therapy. Addiction …

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a group of friends enjoying a Sober New Years

Sober New Years

If you’re in recovery, celebrating a sober New Year’s can seem like an imposing task, especially in early recovery. During addiction, holidays, especially ones that encourage drinking, typically involve parties and intoxication. This can make it hard to find ways to have a fun, sober New Year’s. Luckily, 10% of Americans are in active recovery, …

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opioid epidemic statistics

Opioid Epidemic Statistics

Deaths and health problems from opioid addiction and overdose continue to climb each year in the United States. Opioid epidemic statistics include all genders, ages, ethnicities, and social demographics. Virtually no one is immune to the epidemic. As more people feel the effects of long-term opioid use, the need for quality opioid addiction treatment programs …

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emotional effects of alcohol

Emotional Effects of Alcohol

The emotional effects of alcohol may include feelings of euphoria, relaxation, pleasure, mood swings, depression, anxiety, sadness, and anger. There are several factors that determine how alcohol affects a person’s emotional state. Furthermore, why a person drinks also factors into how they will feel once they consume alcohol. Constant binge drinking often leads to mental …

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how addictive is alcohol

How Addictive is Alcohol?

How addictive is alcohol? Read our latest article below on the dangers of binge drinking and excessive alcohol use. Nearly one in four adults become alcoholics after taking the first drink. Nearly one in eight American adults who continue drinking become alcoholics. Alcohol is among the most addictive substances in the world next to heroin, …

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myths about drugs

4 Myths About Drugs and Alcohol That Lead to Addiction

When hearing myths about drugs, you should first ask yourself where the source of information is coming from. Can you rely on your friends more than an expert in drug research? Is a celebrity more reliable than a treatment specialist? Should your thoughts be governed by cultural acceptance or science-based facts? Understanding the truth about …

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sober holidays

Sober Holidays

As the holidays approach, you may be wondering how to survive the next few weeks without drinking. After all, the season can create a lot of stress and temptations that trigger a relapse. However, getting through the holidays is possible with a little preparation and strategy. Seeking out the help of an accredited San Antonio …

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a patient asking a doctor to explain does insurance cover rehab

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Does insurance cover rehab? For most treatment centers, the rehab admissions process includes viewing your policy to determine what your plan covers. Insurance coverage varies depending on your insurance provider, your policy, and whether the treatment is in the carrier’s network. When it comes to addiction treatment insurance, there are a lot of factors that …

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