a person sits on a bed holding their head in turmoil as they ponder "is fentanyl addictive?"

Is Fentanyl Addictive?

Is fentanyl addictive? The answer is a resounding yes. This powerful synthetic opioid has a high potential for addiction due to its potency. Even when taken as prescribed by a healthcare professional, a person can experience dependence, leading to addiction. Right Step Hill Country provides comprehensive fentanyl addiction treatment for individuals in need of help. […]

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a person talks to a therapist about treating fentanyl abuse

How Do You Treat Fentanyl Use Disorder?

Rates of illicit fentanyl use continue to climb in the United States. The potent opioid is often cut into a range of counterfeit prescriptions and drugs like cocaine and heroin. With a potency of up to 50 times stronger than heroin, people living with addiction and those in recovery face significant dangers when consuming fentanyl.

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