mental health treatment

a woman practicing Stress Management Techniques after feeling pressure

Stress Management Techniques

Since addiction is a chronic disease, there is not a cure. However, treatment can help you fully recover. Substance abuse treatment utilizes evidence-based treatments, like stress management techniques, and holistic therapies, like meditation, to provide you with the support, guidance, and understanding you need to recover.If you are battling alcoholism, addiction, or a substance abuse …

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a doctor answering a patients question of What is Dual Diagnosis?

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Mental health disorders, which can impact your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, can increase your chances of developing an addiction. Especially if you don’t receive treatment for your symptoms. That means that having a dual diagnosis is possible and can complicate your recovery process. But what is dual diagnosis?Substance abuse disorders, addictions, and alcoholism impact more …

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a woman on the couch struggling and showing Signs of Anxiety

Signs of Anxiety

When you struggle with an anxiety disorder like 18.1% of American adults, it can become difficult to live a normal, healthy life. Untreated anxiety can cause disabling symptoms that can prevent you from working, going to school, and living your best life. Initial signs of anxiety warrant early treatment, as symptoms will continue to get …

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