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The Benefits of an Alumni Program for Recovery

Both inpatient rehab centers and outpatient rehab centers are excellent at providing you support for the first stages of becoming sober, but what happens once you complete it? It can be challenging to continue on this path without having access to a network of people who have been in your shoes, and useful professional services alongside it. The benefits of an alumni program come in many forms and can be a vital part of your long-term recovery plans.

A Mutual Support Network

It’s hard to go it alone in life, whether you’re sober or not. Having a social group that has shared experiences provides you with a peer group that’s incredibly helpful. In fact, groups are a large part of the recovery process at The Right Step Hill Country. Through a group therapy program, you can share your successes and failures, get support during the hard times, and help others during the good ones. Many people gain lifelong friends during this process, and an alumni program facilitates these interactions.

Have Accountability in Your Recovery Process

Your peer group also aids you with accountability in your sober life. It’s easier to stick to your plan when you’ve shared your goals with multiple people, and they check-in with you to see how you’re doing. Accountability buddies are also great in other parts of your life, such as for your career, hobbies, fitness, and more.

Avoid Negative Influences During Recovery

You may find yourself looking for a new social circle if your previous one revolved around substance abuse. If you put yourself right back into that group of friends, you are exposed to negative influences and the substance you’re working on avoiding. The benefits of an alumni program allow you to spend time with other sober people, so you don’t feel the need to go back to a problematic friend circle.

Enjoy Social Activities

The alumni program offers many types of social activities with other sober individuals, such as going out for dinners, camping, taking part in team sports, and enjoying a range of outdoor activities. You’ll get to celebrate your newfound sobriety with an active social calendar and lots to do with your free time. The variety of activities that are offered ensures that there’s something for everyone. These activities avoid common substances that are abused, so you don’t have to worry about running into relapse triggers. Just relax and enjoy yourself at:

  • Campgrounds
  • Picnics
  • Restaurants
  • Bowling

If you don’t see the activities that you like, the alumni program is happy to hear new suggestions. You’re also not limited to only meeting with other alumni during alcohol addiction treatment center activities. Think about setting up get-togethers outside of this program as well, as you form bonds of friendship with others in recovery.

Attend Ongoing Support Meetings

You also continue to have the professional support that you had during the initial recovery process. 12-step meetings, alumni support group meetings, and similar support options are available. You’ll be able to schedule these in alongside your other activities, so you can have an excellent work-life-social-recovery balance.

Connect with People at All Stages of Recovery

Everyone enjoying the benefits of an alumni program comes from different stages of recovery. You’ll have people who have just gotten through their substance abuse treatment programs, and those who are many years into living a sober life. You’ll be able to get advice and support from a range of perspectives, as well as seeing that people can successfully stay on the path to recovery for the long-term.

Becoming and staying sober can be challenging, but the benefits of an alumni program make it easier to live your life to the fullest. Learn more about our alumni program by contacting The Right Step Hill Country at 1.844.675.1628.

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