sober holidays

Sober Holidays

As the holidays approach, you may be wondering how to survive the next few weeks without drinking. After all, the season can create a lot of stress and temptations that trigger a relapse. However, getting through the holidays is possible with a little preparation and strategy. Seeking out the help of an accredited San Antonio substance abuse treatment program can help no matter where you are in your recovery. Learning to manage stressors and triggers takes constant work. Let’s take a look at how to celebrate sober holidays this year.

Know Your Triggers

Some of the most common relapse triggers during the holidays include emotional distress, peer pressure, cravings, finances, family/in-laws, or testing your boundaries. Remember, that triggers are not always external. Sometimes they can come from within anger, stress, depression, or impulses. It is important to know what your triggers are so that you can counter them.

Create a Support System

When recovering from addiction, it is important to have a list of you can reach out to when you are tempted to drink. If you have recently completed treatment, many rehab centers will help you create a rehab aftercare plan to help identify those people who can help you. This may include your therapist, a support group, mentor, minister, friends, or family. These are the people who can help you celebrate sober holidays. Put their numbers or address on your phone and call them as needed. 

Provide Your Own Transportation

Are you riding with someone else to that holiday event? What happens if alcohol is in the room, and you have nowhere to escape? For this reason, you should never leave your fate in someone’s hands. Instead, take control of every situation by providing your own transports. You may also want to sign up for Uber or Lyft.

Say ‘No’ This Year

Just because you stopped drinking doesn’t mean that everyone around you will abstain when you are in the room. Alcohol may still be present at some events. As a result, you may need to say no to the company party, community event, or family gathering. Others may not understand why you didn’t show up or even be offended that you weren’t there. However, your sobriety is your priority. You and others are better off if you are not tempted to drink.  

Attend a Support Group Meeting

Whether you stay home or travel, there is always a local support group meeting. A support group can help you celebrate sober holidays. They provide motivation and accountability. So, if you are tempted to drink or even feeling stressed out, go to a meeting and get some encouragement from others. 

Stay Mentally and Physically Healthy

One of the best ways to celebrate sober holidays is to stay fit throughout the season. Sure, you’ll binge a little on food. However, stick to your fitness plan, eat nutritious, well-balanced meals, and continue your meditation. Staying mentally and physically fit will keep you motivated to keep going.

Enjoy Sober Holidays with Right Step Hill Country

Right Step Hill Country offers comprehensive treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. We provide both evidence-based and holistic treatment at our addiction treatment center. To find out more about how to get started with recovery, call us at 1.844.675.1628. We are here to help you enjoy sober holidays each and every season.

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