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Recognizing the Dangers of Mixing Substances

Many drugs have interactions when you take them alongside other substances. They could cause you to have an increased or decreased effect, have effects that are only seen in that particular combination, or result in serious complications. The dangers of mixing substances can potentially be fatal, but even less severe side effects can be problematic. At The Right Step Hill Country, our alcohol addiction treatment center programs give you the information and support you need to achieve recovery.

Dangers of Mixing Substances

Mixing comes in two forms: accidental and intentional mixing. In accidental mixing, you probably did not realize that the two substances shouldn’t be taken together. The warnings for that particular combination may not be on the bottle, or you may forget about it. In some cases, you may not realize that you still have one substance in your system before taking the other.

With intentional mixing, you know that you are going to use the two substances in tandem. You may assume that if you take legal prescriptions alongside other legal substances, such as alcohol, that everything is fine. With substance abuse, you take two or more substances despite any danger they may cause.

Increased and Decreased Effectiveness

Different substance categories can increase or decrease the effectiveness of others in the mixture. The danger of increased effects is that you put yourself on the path to an overdose more easily than taking the substance alone. Decreased effectiveness can lead to poor health outcomes, as the substances are not able to perform as well as they should be. For example, if you take Valium to help with your mood and mental health, but you combine it with a substance that decreases that effect, you could end up having panic attacks and other negative side effects.

At The Right Step Hill Country, we offer a mental health treatment center alongside our addiction treatment programs to help you get the healthy recovery you need.

Dependence and Substance Abuse

Substances that are not used correctly can also put you in situations where it’s easier to become addicted. If you get more of a high or a good feeling from a combination, then your body may want to feel that more often. Over time, you become dependent on one or both of the substances. If you are unable to access them for whatever reason, you could find yourself turning to black market sources and illegal drugs.

If one of the substances impairs your judgment, then you may end up saying yes to taking substances that you wouldn’t touch when sober. You could also end up in other situations that you wouldn’t if your inhibitions were intact.

Overdosing and Serious Complications

Overdosing isn’t the only side effect that is serious with the dangers of mixing substances. You could end up becoming more at risk of heart attacks, digestive issues, poor dental hygiene, infectious diseases, strokes, and countless other problems. Your mood could become hard to control and you may lash out at others around you.

The social consequences of substance abuse can be just as devastating as the medical ones. Your family may become distant or leave entirely, your friends could disappear, and you could find yourself getting fired, kicked out of your home, or ostracized in your community.

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Common Mixed Substances

Here are a few examples of substances that often get mixed together in substance abuse:

  • Alcohol and benzos
  • Benzos and opiates
  • Alcohol and opiates
  • Methadone and heroin
  • MDMA and alcohol
  • Marijuana and alcohol

These combinations can have unpredictable impacts on you. The side effects may be more pronounced, or unexpected ones may occur. Each substance could become more addictive to you, and dependency is a serious threat.

Getting Help At The Right Step

You do not have to try to manage the dangers of mixing substances by yourself. We offer many programs At The Right Step Hill Country to help with treatment at our drug and alcohol detox center so you can get your life back. Contact us at 1.844.675.1628.

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