As A Family, Can We Afford Drug Treatment?

If you have a family member living with a drug addiction, you know the importance of finding affordable treatment. Just as the entire family feels the addiction’s effects, the entire family is generally involved in looking for solutions. You may feel overwhelmed by the thought of paying for substance abuse treatment, but there are multiple potential sources of help, including the following:

  • Private health insurance: Although coverage varies, most policies cover some degree of treatment for substance abuse.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA): You can use an HSA, which is generally paired with a high-deductible health insurance plan, to pay for drug addiction treatment.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid can also be used to pay for addiction treatment and is a good option if your family member qualifies. 
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): If a member of your family works for an employer that offers an EAP, other family members may also be covered. Plans vary, but it’s common for benefits to be available to everyone in an employee’s household. Generally, services provided directly by the EAP are free, and if further help is needed, such as through a drug treatment program, there may be financial help available.
  • Payment Plans: You may not need to come up with your part of the fees all at once. Some treatment programs offer payment plans so you can better manage the expense.


Treatment Options and Effectiveness

There are a variety of treatment options, with a corresponding variety of costs. Residential treatment is the most expensive and the right choice for certain patients, but intensive outpatient (IOP) services are a good option for many. In addition to being less expensive, they often allow patients to continue working or going to school while getting treatment. One very convenient and cost-effective option is virtual (online) IOP.

Addiction has many financial costs, including the costs of drugs or alcohol, increased healthcare expenses, lost wages, and sometimes legal fees. Affordable treatment not only fits your budget but that effectively reduces ongoing expenses. Some experts have estimated that savings related to treating addiction can be 12 times more than the cost of treatment itself.

The benefits of treatment, both financial and practical, may be more powerful when family therapy is part of the treatment process. A publication on substance abuse and family therapy reports on a study of youth offenders, which found that “the cost benefits of family therapy were clear and compelling.” Affordable addiction treatment that includes family therapy may also play a preventative role in keeping other family members from repeating the pattern and falling into substance abuse.

It’s hard to watch a family member suffer, and it’s sometimes hard to know how to help, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. The Right Step Hill Country can help your family member every step of the way. We remove barriers to help people find hope and healing. Call us today at 844.675.1628 and let us help you guide you and your loved one through this difficult time. 

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