A person who needs alcohol recovery resources near San Antonio, TX

Alcohol Recovery Resources near San Antonio, TX

When someone you care about is living with alcohol use disorder, life may feel overwhelming. Problem drinking, perhaps more than other forms of substance abuse, is easy to rationalize since alcohol is legal and socially normalized. Nonetheless, the risks of alcohol overdose are serious for those who drink heavily and drinking poses a host of health risks both short- and long-term. Many residents of the South Texas area are all too aware of how serious the dangers of alcohol can be. 

If you’re looking for an alcohol rehab near San Antonio, TX or simply seeking alcohol recovery resources, contact The Right Step Hill Country today. Our facility is in Wimberley, TX, only about an hour to an hour and a half’s drive from both Austin and San Antonio. Reach out to us online or call 1.844.675.1628 to learn more about our top-quality services. 

Why the San Antonio Area Needs Alcohol Recovery Resources

Beyond the fact that alcohol abuse can wreak havoc on one’s personal and professional life and pose serious health risks such as heart and liver disease, depression, and certain cancers, it also causes grievous societal harm. In addition to elevating the risk of serious abuses such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and child neglect, alcohol plays a staggering role in motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. 

In Bexar County, where San Antonio is located, the Medical Examiner’s Office reported that in 2021, among motor vehicle deaths, ethanol was present in 39% of cases.1 Moreover, the Texas Department of Transportation reported that in the same year in San Antonio specifically, there were 47 fatal crashes, 57 fatalities, 70 suspected serious crashes, and 107 suspected serious injuries.2  

The need for adequate alcohol recovery services in the South Texas area is thus very clear. Beyond the individual level, it’s necessary for Texans on the whole to view alcohol use on public roadways with a serious intervention mindset. Destigmatizing rehab, getting informed about resources, and making sure loved ones know that they have your support in treatment are all great steps toward a more stable future. 

Signs You or Your Loved One Might Need Help with Alcohol Use Disorder

While the social and personal impact of alcohol abuse is familiar to most people, facing the reality that you or a loved one may be struggling can be challenging. Here are a few signs that it might be time to seek out professional help: 

  • You’re no longer able to stick to limits you try to set on your alcohol intake 
  • Social or work activities no longer feel as important as getting and using alcohol, and your performance in these areas may be suffering as a result
  • Tolerance has been on the rise, meaning you need more and more alcohol to achieve the same effects
  • You’re engaging in risky behavior such as driving under the influence or having unsafe sex
  • You have blackouts, meaning there are gaps in your memory from when you were binge drinking
  • If you try to scale back or quit, you go into withdrawal, experiencing symptoms like sweating, shaking, or vomiting 

Finding Alcohol Recovery Resources Near San Antonio, TX

At Hill Country, we’re proud to offer an effective, evidence-based approach to alcohol use disorder treatment and recovery. During the first step, detox, you’ll not only reap the benefits of a team of medical professionals monitoring your vitals, but also receive access to nutritious meals, exercise, and potentially pain medication to manage your withdrawal symptoms. 

After detox, individual therapy helps you gain skills derived from time-tested approaches like cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy, which stress reframing negative thoughts and increasing resilience in the face of difficult emotions. You’ll also explore the root causes of your substance use and work to address any unresolved personal history through techniques like trauma-informed care. 

Group and family therapy create a wrap-around approach within treatment as well. Our clients enjoy the benefits of accountability in group therapy, along with the opportunity to practice more effective communication and relating skills. Family therapy greatly bolsters our clients’ support networks, beginning to repair relationships damaged by substance abuse and giving all members the opportunity to air their needs. This can be a major boon to lasting recovery since a healthy home life makes a world of difference to coping and stress resilience. 

Get Help with Alcohol Dependence at Hill Country in Wimberley, TX Near San Antonio

Don’t wait another day to begin the road to recovery at The Right Step Hill Country near Austin and San Antonio. You can find us at 440 Fischer Store Road in Wimberley, east of U.S. Highway 281, and about 30 miles northeast of Canyon Lake. Call 1.844.675.1628 or send us a message via our secure online form to start the conversation.

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2. Texas Department of Transportation – 2021 DUI (Alcohol) Crashes and Injuries Cities and Towns

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