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a woman feels back to her old self after completing meth detox and treatment Methamphetamines are some of the most dangerous drugs available today. If you or someone you love is struggling with a meth addiction, it’s essential to seek help as soon as possible. The caring team at Right Step Hill Country is here to help. Our San Antonio area drug and alcohol detox center can provide the key first step toward recovery. After completing treatment in our meth detox center, reap the benefits of comprehensive care that will give you or your loved one a leg up toward lasting sobriety. Call 1.844.675.1628 or send us a message online for more information. 

A Meth Detox Program Can Help Those Struggling with Addiction

It would be difficult to overstate the seriousness of methamphetamine addiction. In the short term, people who use meth may be unable to sleep for periods lasting as long as two weeks. Lack of sleep can cause intense paranoia and hallucinations. Malnutrition is also common among those who use meth because the drug strongly suppresses appetite. High blood pressure, elevated and irregular heart rate, convulsions, and violent behavior are common short-term effects. 

Long term, meth can cause brain damage because it is highly toxic to the central nervous system. It kills brain cells, disrupts the dopamine circuit, and increases the risk of stroke. Severe tooth decay and gum disease are also common over time. This decay is because meth is highly acidic, and its psychological properties make those who use it tend to crave sugar, grind their teeth, and neglect dental hygiene. Heart attacks and cardiovascular disease are long-term risks for meth users because the drug narrows blood vessels and inflames heart tissue. 

For all the listed reasons, it’s essential to begin treatment as soon as possible if you or your loved one is abusing methamphetamines. There is no “safe” amount of illegal meth use, and even forms of the drug prescribed legally as ADHD or weight-loss medications are often abused. Due to meth’s habit-forming properties and its intense withdrawal symptoms, a qualified detox program can be an absolute game-changer in the early recovery process. 

What You’ll Receive in a Qualified Methamphetamine Detox and Treatment Program

Here are the basic components of care that patients recovering from meth addiction will likely encounter: 

  • Medically monitored detox: Withdrawal symptoms from meth use can be very unpleasant. They may include anxiety, chills, fatigue, sleep disturbance, irritability, cravings, weight gain, muddled thoughts, and even psychosis or suicidal ideation. A detox center helps those in recovery by providing regular access to doctors, healthy meals, environments conducive to sleep, and sometimes pain medication. 
  • Individual therapy: Cognitive-behavioral approaches are especially effective in working with addiction because they empower patients to control their self-defeating thoughts and emotional patterns. Dialectical behavior approaches, and mindfulness training are also very supportive since they increase patients’ resilience amid challenging internal experiences. 
  • Dual diagnosis: Co-occurring mental health concerns are often an issue for patients recovering from meth use disorder. A qualified mental health professional can help identify instances of, for example, major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder and help ensure patients get the multivalent treatment they need. 
  • Group therapies: Social support is critical for people in recovery. One very effective form is the 12-step model, where peers offer one another non-judgemental support and receive accountability and mentorship in their recovery journeys. Family therapy can also be vital for people recovering from meth use. It helps repair the damage done to key relationships because of substance abuse and gets everyone on the same page about what changes are needed going forward. 

Everyone’s story is different, so it’s important to find a treatment program that works for you.

Begin the Recovery Journey at Hill Country’s Meth Detox Center in the San Antonio, TX Areas

Meth use is widespread in the U.S., so if you or a loved one is struggling, remember you’re not alone. Many people have faced similar challenges, entered treatment, and made successful recovery journeys. Call The Right Step Hill Country at 1.844.675.1628 or reach out online to learn more about our effective San Antonio area meth detox and recovery today. 

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