Experiential Therapy

Right Step Hill Country offers experiential therapy as an effective treatment for both mental disorders and addiction. Our experiential therapy program involves a range of expressive tools and activities that help you grow beyond your past experiences. Experiential therapy gives you insight into the connection between your past and your addiction.

San Antonio addiction treatment programs integrate experiential therapy into a more comprehensive treatment program. To find out more about experiential therapy and your treatment options, contact Right Step Hill Country today. When it comes to addiction recovery, the first step is yours. We’ll help with the rest. 

Experiential Therapy for Addiction

We use experiential therapy for addiction to drugs or alcohol. There are several experiential therapy options available such as:a woman discussing an experiential therapy program

  • Role-playing or acting
  • Props
  • Arts and crafts
  • Music
  • Animal care
  • Guided imagery 

We also offer various recreational activities to help you reenact or re-experience a traumatic or emotional experience from your past.

How does this help with addiction recovery? Much of what triggers addiction is negative thoughts, feelings, or beliefs. Negativity often comes from traumatic experiences in your life. Experiences could include abuse, death of a loved one, natural disaster, stress at work, a divorce, or even a mental disorder.

Experiential therapy seeks to help draw the connection between your past experiences and your addiction. 

How Does It Work?

Our experiential therapy program in San Antonio, TX, provides structured activities that are led by a trained and certified therapist. The purpose of the activities is to encourage you to explore and release negative feelings and emotions such as fear, anger, shame, or disappointment.

These are feelings that you may have repressed or bottled up after your traumatic event. Instead of releasing them in a healthy manner, you may have turned to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. This is a common reaction to past experiences. We can help you face your negative thoughts and emotions and finally get them in a way that is productive and brings real healing.

Why Choose an Experiential Therapy Program

Like any other form of therapy, you may feel uncomfortable sharing your thoughts and your feelings in an experiential therapy program. However, there are several reasons why we use experiential therapy, such as: 

  • You learn strategies to deal with negative thoughts and feelings
  • It provides a supplement to traditional talk therapy
  • You can finally release your emotion in a safe environment
  • Experiential therapy teaches you how to process disappointment and hurt
  • Your therapist can help you achieve a sense of self-empowerment 

An experiential therapy program can also help you take responsibility for yourself and your actions. You learn how to adapt and work with others, improve your communication skills, and become competent in core areas of your life.

We use an experiential therapy program to help with addictions and mental disorders, including PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety disorder, depression, personality disorder, substance abuse issues, and even resolving family conflict. 

How to Get Started

If you are committing to addiction recovery, your first step is to enter an experiential therapy program in San Antonio, TX. Once you get clean, a treatment specialist can meet with you to develop a plan for rehab. We can integrate experiential therapy into your overall treatment plan to ensure long-term recovery. Your therapist will show you how to get started in an individual therapy session or group therapy setting

To find out more about the experiential therapy program at Right Step Hill Country, feel free to contact us at our addiction treatment center in San Antonio, TX. We offer a wide range of experiential therapy activities and tools. Call us at 1.844.675.1628 to schedule a consultation with a treatment specialist.  


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