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Coping with Loneliness During Quarantine

COVID-19 has brought us together to face a common challenge. One of the issues we are all trying to figure out is coping with loneliness during the quarantine. The effects and stresses mount quickly. These include loneliness, worries about health, and anxiety about finances. Unfortunately, some people are coping with isolation during quarantine in the wrong way by turning to the bottle or a container of pills. There are people who understand, and there are ways to cope. If you fear that you are heading down the wrong path, recommit to coping mechanisms. Consider contacting the team at Right Step Hill Country.

You are human. The last few months have been unlike anything we have faced in our lifetimes. And for many people, we are facing stress alone and are trying to figure out the best ways of coping with loneliness during the quarantine.

Living Separate Lives During COVID-19

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic was built around the reduction of social interactions to slow the spread of the disease. As a result, we are all abiding by stay-at-home orders that create a new reality of coping with loneliness during the quarantine.

While many can lean on family, millions cannot. An estimated 36 million people live alone. So not only are they separated from co-workers, but they are also separated from friends and family.

Sadly, one of the documented ways we have been coping with loneliness during quarantine has through drugs or alcohol. In the pandemic’s first month, sales of alcoholic beverages grew 55 percent. As many are confined to their home with less access to an alcohol addiction treatment center, the risk of substance abuse is high. If this describes your situation, reach out to Right Step Hill Country today.

Coping with Loneliness During Quarantine

The pace of modern life was stressful even before the pandemic began. The unfolding situation has strained our mental health, in so many ways. For people who are vulnerable already, the effects can be devastating.

The Centers for Disease Control offers a few good suggestions for self-care during this high-stress period. Their tips provide ideas for ways of focusing on yourself and the positives in your life, including:

  • Take a break from the news 
  • Seek creative ways to interact. Use the ever-popular Zoom application!
  • Get outside and experience nature
  • Eat well
  • Adhere to treatment for any pre-existing conditions

Warning Signs of Substance Abuse

Even with the best of intentions, coping with loneliness during the quarantine can lead to increased problems with substance abuse. How do you know, though, when it is time to call Right Step Houston or another drug and alcohol detox center?

Substance abuse isn’t based on how much you drink or use drugs. It is based on how your drinking or drug use impacts your life. As you are coping with isolation in quarantine, here are a few signs to look out for to help you decide if you should place a call for help:

  • Manic energy
  • Paranoia/suspicious about others
  • Bloodshot or glassy eyes
  • Picking arguments about nothing
  • Acting unusually uninhibited
  • Shakes or twitches

If you feel a loved one or yourself has taken a wrong turn in coping with isolation during quarantine, now is the time to call for help.

The Right Step Hill Country Is Here for You

COVID-19 has upended our lives. The emotions of this moment can take you down the wrong path as you seek ways of coping with loneliness during the quarantine. If that describes your situation, contact us at Right Step Hill Country. Our addiction treatment staff of clinical professionals utilizes proven addiction medicine techniques to deliver a full range of addiction services, ranging from medical drug detox centers, alcohol addiction treatment centers, and comprehensive aftercare programs. You can take control, even while in quarantine. Contact us today at 1.844.675.1628 for a consultation.

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