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a man sits with his arms resting on his knees and stares forward wondering about what is high-functioning anxiety

What Is High-Functioning Anxiety?

Living with anxiety can be incredibly challenging, and individuals cope quite differently. For some, it’s a debilitating condition that severely impairs function in major areas such as employment or relationships. For others, anxiety wreaks havoc on their internal landscape while outside observers have no idea that they are struggling. In these latter cases, high-functioning anxiety […]

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a therapist answers the question "what are co-occurring disorders?" for a patient

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Many people struggling with substance use or mental health disorders ask, “What are co-occurring disorders?” Co-occurring disorders occur when both of these conditions manifest at the same time. There is no distinct pattern to which of the two conditions develops first. An individual can develop a mental disorder first, then a substance use disorder, or

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