Trails to Recovery: Hope House Outpatient Treatment

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Trails to Recovery: Hope House Outpatient Treatment

The Hope House outpatient program offered at The Right Step Hill Country is one of the three Trails to Recovery models designed specifically for clients seeking partial hospitalization for substance abuse disorders. This is a crucial program option for those looking to continue care after completing residential treatment and who need a safe space for supportive healing. Hope House participants benefit from a structured and engaging program designed to capture attention and inspire motivation for recovery.

With an intentionally small group of peers, you’ll find yourself with more individualized attention from your treatment team to continue to stay focused on the work of recovery. With more growth opportunities, your loved ones can feel reassured that personal recovery achievements are our #1 priority in Hope House and throughout all our programs.

The Trails to Recovery at The Right Step Hill Country

As an innovator in addiction treatment, The Right Step Hill Country recognizes that patients look to us to help with diverse needs and come to us from many different roads. Similarly, our clients benefit from established individualized programs tailored to their specific needs to connect to others at a similar stage in recovery.

The Right Step Hill Country has divided our residential treatment programs into three different Trails to Recovery: Hope House, Growth District, and Forest Collective. Growth District will offer clients a more traditional treatment environment, and our Forest Collective trail is our least restrictive—and yet intensive—treatment environment.

When you reach out to us at The Right Step Hill Country, our admissions representatives will ask you some preliminary questions to assess your current needs and recommend the trail that is the best fit for you.

An Ideal Setting for Recovery: Texas Hill Country

Located in Wimberley, Texas, halfway between Austin and San Antonio, and situated on a scenic 30-acre campus, The Right Step Hill County is the ideal setting for your recovery. While working with your treatment team—made up of addiction professionals—the peaceful Texas Hill Country backdrop provides the perfect frame for the life-changing, comprehensive, evidence-based treatment offered through the Hope House Trail to recovery.

Rather than a sterile, hospital-like environment, clients of Hope House will stay in rustic cabins that echo the peaceful scenery of the American Southwest and are equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, an inviting common area, and comfortable furnishings. The pace of life here at Hope House invites you to slow down and focus on the healing needed in your life.

The Right Step Hill Country campus, nestled between Texas’ rolling hills and mighty oaks, features separate cottages for men and women, a swimming pool, fitness room, volleyball court and a sports court for basketball or tennis. Our Hill Country Texas outpatient drug rehab center offers everyday opportunities to regroup and reflect from scenic overlooks to our homey cabins that house group therapy and individual sessions.

Healing Every Part of You: What is an Outpatient Program?

Often clients move into an outpatient program after completing a residential program or if they are looking to return to treatment but are more independent. Outpatient programs offer a safety net to help clients transition back into a life without drugs and alcohol. At The Right Step Hill Country, we understand the importance of getting the support you need to maintain long-term recovery. That’s why Hope House is here for you.

Our Hope House program is specifically designed with those in need of outpatient treatment in mind. Commonly known as partial hospitalization programs, we offer a comfortable place for clients to stay seven days a week with the flexibility to attend 12-step meetings or other recovery events. We support clients as they take the next steps to building confidence and independence in their recovery.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

Partial hospitalization programs are the highest level of outpatient care and require the most significant time commitment. At Hope House, clients stay in our comfortable cabins for seven days a week, where they build upon the foundations they learned in residential treatment with their Hope House peers. They devote several hours a day to treatment or supportive therapy during their time at Hope House.

A Typical Day At The Hope House

Programming at The Hope House outpatient addiction treatment center in Texas represents a structured daily schedule while still leaving time for breaks and personal reflection needed to integrate the many pieces of your recovery journey.

Daily schedules and activities vary, but here’s a snapshot of what a typical day might look like:

Mornings – Breakfast is served daily at 8:30 AM in our largest common space, The Lodge. After a morning reflection to set intentions for the day, process groups and recovery education groups dictate the schedule.

Time for self-study is also set aside, where clients can work on assignments, meditate on the Big Book, make progress in optional 12-steps meetings, experiential mindfulness or relationship-building workshops.

Afternoons – After a prompt lunch at 1:00 PM, therapists on staff and other treatment team members will facilitate small groups, holistic learning exercises, yoga practice, and clients may have time for a swim in the outdoor pool or a visit to the gym to maintain personal fitness.

Evenings – After another meal served at The Lodge, Hope House clients can attend an optional nightly group meeting, held off campus and typically led by the community leader. Free time, opportunities to exercise, and reflecting on the day through evening wrap-up groups are essential components of the evening schedule.

Hope House Core Therapeutic Approaches

Your first call to The Right Step Hill Country will help you discover what treatment path is right for you. The treatment process begins with an in-depth assessment that will identify your treatment needs and areas for growth. Our assessment will help us develop a treatment plan unique to you that contains many of the following elements:

  • Individual Therapy

    • While every step of your journey at Hope House is constructed with creating confidence and independence, individual therapy sessions allow for an in-depth focus on emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, and other problematic behaviors can be processed and brought to light.
  • Group Therapy

    • Experiential therapy groups – Sharing authentic interpretations of your progress and witnessing the truth of others’ recovery journey is a potent tool.
    • Educational groups -Using curriculum such as Seeking Safety and Illness Management Recovery (IMR), you can feel more prepared to deal with the challenges associated with recovery.
    • Coping skills group – Learning to challenge and replace your automatic thoughts through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), tolerate distress and practice radical acceptance through DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and discover your values and develop mindfulness through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) will help you create the coping skills needed to live a life free of drugs and alcohol abuse.
  • Intensive family program

    • Our program provides structured support for families, including a full day of treatment every Saturday focused on their experiences and an aftercare program for the family.

Access to optional 12 step meetings, fitness facilities, yoga practice, nutritional guidance and meditative practices round out the holistic treatment planning offered in the Hope House residential program.

Is Hope House Right for Me?

What’s stopping you from taking the steps today to make a life in recovery your reality? At Hope House, our partial hospitalization program located in Wimberley, Texas, will help you get to the root of your drug abuse so that you can move on to the next stage of your recovery. You have what it takes; we can help you find the way. Call us today at 844.675.1628.

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