Trails to Recovery

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Trails to Recovery

At The Right Step Hill Country, we value the individual needs of our clients. And we understand that each and every recovery story is a unique experience. That’s why we have created program treatment models that embrace a person’s individual needs. Trails to Recovery at The Right Step Hill Country offers client’s the ability to find a program that best fits their treatment needs in the comfort of the rolling hills of Wimberley, Texas.

From traditional, residential services, to outpatient treatment, The Right Step Hill County and its Trails to Recovery have you or your loved one covered. Each trail offers clients a peaceful place to heal alongside peers with similar experiences and needs. Trails to Recovery allows you the flexibility to walk the best path for you.

Trails to Recovery Addiction Treatment

The Trails to Recovery addiction treatment model is divided into three unique tracks: Growth District, Forest Collective and Hope House. Through our in-depth admissions assessment, we can determine which trail is right for you. Each trail is housed within a specific area of the sprawling 30-acre Wimberley campus that spans across the Texas Hill Country between Austin and San Antonio.

Clients are housed with their recovery peers in gender-specific dwellings. Group activities, such as processing sessions or events, allow for everyone to come together for healing. Each trail has varying structure levels, but all are designed with evidence-based addiction treatment therapies to help clients get to the core of their addictive behaviors.

We’ve broken these trails down for you below:

Growth District

Growth district offers clients the most traditional and structured approach to the addiction treatment experience. Clients experience a full day of engaging, evidence-based models that help individuals fully process their behaviors and learn healthy ways to cope with triggers. These models combine individual, group and family therapy approaches to maximize the time and energy put into getting better.

Forest Collective

The Forest Collective trail offers a more flexible—and yet still, therapeutically intensive—residential treatment option. Corporate professionals, first responders, mental health practitioners or clients who have completed treatment before would do well in this tier geared towards the more independent client. The Forest Collective day to day offers more flexibility paired with proven therapeutic models to help encourage clients and build confidence in recovery.

Hope House

The Hope House is our outpatient treatment model that offers the least restrictive but still thorough care. The program functions as a partial hospitalization program, allowing clients to stay on campus seven days a week for treatment. Clients have the option to leave campus in the evenings to attend 12-step meetings or make grocery runs. Hope House participants benefit from the peaceful environment while still engaging in a program designed to maintain motivation for recovery.

Trails to Recovery Therapeutic Approaches

To get to know you and your personal needs, we begin your journey at The Right Step Hill Country by conducting an in-depth assessment to identify your unique treatment needs. We’ll look at physical, mental and emotional areas for growth and contribute to treatment plan development.

In addition to optional 12 step meetings, yoga and meditative practices, nutritional guidance and encouraging the use of fitness facilities, your individualized addiction treatment plan will contain many of the following elements:

  • Individual Therapy

    • One-on-one sessions with your primary therapist give you the opportunity to look at problem areas in your life. Here, you will address shame, guilt, and other barriers that have kept you in destructive cycles.
  • Group Therapy

    • Experiential therapy groups – When you see others move through recovery, it can inspire and normalize your experience. Watching your recovery make conscious decisions that will change their life for the better opens the door to sharing your own progress.
    • Educational groups -Become familiar with powerful tools like Seeking Safety (SS) and Illness Management Recovery (IMR) to feel more prepared to deal with the challenges associated with recovery.
    • Coping skills group – Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) you will learn to challenge and replace your automatic thoughts. You will gain the skills to tolerate distress and practice radical acceptance through DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). Finally, you will discover your values and develop mindfulness through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).
  • Family program

    • Our weekly family program helps you and your loved ones understand your growth and allows them to receive support from our team as well.

Why Choose The Right Step Hill Country? 

Located in Wimberley, Texas, halfway between Austin and San Antonio, The Right Step Hill County is the ideal setting for your recovery. Clients will work with an expert treatment team of addiction professionals, on-site psychiatric care, and 24-hour nursing staff. The peaceful Texas Hill Country backdrop provides the perfect frame for the life-changing and evidence-based treatment offered through our Trails to Recovery.

At The Right Step Hill Country, we’ve worked hard to create a soothing environment with rustic cabins that echo the peaceful scenery of the American Southwest. All residential lodgings are equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, an inviting common area, and comfortable furnishings. We invite you to slow down and focus on the healing needed in your life.

The Right Step Hill Country campus features separate cottages for men and women, a swimming pool, fitness room, volleyball court and a sports court for basketball or tennis. Our Hill Country Texas residential drug rehab center offers everyday opportunities to regroup and reflect from scenic overlooks to our homey cabins that house group therapy and individual sessions.

Walk the Trail to Recovery

We are here to help you or your loved one take the first step. No matter where you are in your unique recovery journey, we have a program that fits your needs. For more information on our addiction treatment in Wimberley, Texas and our Trails to Recovery, call us today at (844) 675-1628.

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