Each of our central Texas Hill Country’s drug and alcohol treatment programs provides comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for substance use within a scenic, relaxed and private setting. However, clients looking for a more traditional approach to residential treatment will find their place within the Growth District, one of our residential Trails to Recovery offered at The Right Step Hill Country.

The Growth District program, in particular, offers larger treatment groups and more staff. This specific trail to recovery is designed for individuals new to treatment who are still appropriate for a residential program without requiring a higher level of care. Best practices in recovery efforts and addiction treatment are central to this intermediate tier of The Right Step Hill Country’s residential program offerings.

The Trails to Recovery at The Right Step Hill Country

As a leader in addiction treatment, The Right Step Hill Country recognizes that patients each possess unique needs and requirements when it comes to their addiction treatment, and no two individuals are the same. Although providing individualized treatment plans has been a standard of care for us for many years, we believe our clients will equally benefit from established individualized tiers of residential treatment offerings where they will receive tailored treatment according to their needs and be grouped with others walking a similar path.

To accommodate the diverse needs of our clients, The Right Step Hill Country has divided our residential programming into three different Trails to Recovery: Hope House, Growth District, and Forest Collective.

As our most structured tier, Hope House will provide more intensive services for clients with co-occurring disorders. Our Forest Collective trail will tailor its treatment environment for individuals participating in treatment for a second time, or for those who are higher functioning and looking for more therapeutic depth in their treatment. Growth District, in contrast, will offer a more traditional residential treatment experience.

If you’re not sure which program at The Right Step Hill Country is right for you, reach out to one of our friendly admissions representatives today at 877.767.9383! After asking a few introductory questions to assess your current needs, they will be able to recommend the trail to recovery that will be the best fit for you.

An Ideal Setting for Recovery: Texas Hill Country

Situated on a scenic 30-acre campus in Wimberley, Texas, The Right Step Hill County is the ideal setting for your recovery. Located halfway between Austin and San Antonio, our peaceful Texas Hill Country residential treatment center is the perfect backdrop for the life-changing, comprehensive, evidence-based treatment offered in the Growth District.

Here, your treatment team—made up of addiction professionals, on-site psychiatric care and 24-hour nursing staff—will help you build recovery skills and healthy lifestyle practices that will ensure your successful long-term recovery.

From scenic overlooks to our homey cabins that house group therapy and individual sessions, our Hill Country Texas residential drug rehab center offers plentiful opportunities to regroup and reflect. During your stay, you will also have access to an outdoor swimming pool, fitness room, volleyball court and a sports court for basketball or tennis.

Rather than a sterile, hospital-like environment, The Right Step Hill Country campus offers accommodations in the form of rustic cabins. Nestled amid Texas’s rolling hills and mighty oaks, clients of Growth District will stay in gender-specific cottages that are equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, an inviting common area and comfortable furnishings, and are decorated to reflect the peaceful scenery of the American Southwest.

A Typical Day At The Growth District

Programming for Growth District, our traditional residential addiction treatment center in the Texas Hill Country, is structured to offer a full day of engaging activities, including holistic programming, optional 12 step groups, individual and group therapy.

Each day’s schedule will vary, but below is a snapshot of what a typical day in the Growth Collective program might look like:

Mornings – Breakfast is served in The Lodge daily, starting at 7:30 AM. When not at breakfast, clients are able to use the gym or use the time to ensure the cleanliness of their cabins. After a morning reflection and processing time to set intentions for the day, licensed therapists will lead clients through a big book study or other recovery education groups.

Afternoons – After an early lunch at 12:00 PM and an hour of service work, holistic programming, small groups, yoga practice and opportunities to swim in the outdoor pool or visit the gym dominate the schedule. Growth District clients may also use the time to work on assignments, do 12-step work or attend experiential mindfulness or relationship-building workshops.

*A distinction between the Growth District and Hope House is that clients in this middle tier may be awarded phone privileges in the early evening and before bed, provided that they continue to follow the requirements as expected.

Evenings – After the day’s final meal is served at The Lodge around 5:00 PM, Growth District clients can attend an optional nightly 12-step meeting typically led by the community leader. Engaging in a community fun activity, taking the opportunity to exercise and reflecting on the day through evening wrap-up groups are other essential components of the evening schedule.

While our day is packed full of activity, the laid-back way of life here within the Growth District invites you to slow down and focus on the healing needed in your life.

Growth District Core Therapeutic Approaches

All residential programs at The Right Step Hill Country begin with an in-depth assessment to identify treatment needs and areas for growth and contribute to treatment plan development.

In addition to optional 12 step meetings, yoga and meditative practices, nutritional guidance and encouraging the use of fitness facilities, your individualized treatment plan will contain many of the following elements:

  • Individual Therapy

    • Working one-on-one with your primary therapist, you will have the opportunity to look at problem areas in your life and address shame, guilt and other barriers that have kept you stuck.
  • Group Therapy

    • Experiential therapy groups – Witness first-hand others in your recovery cohort make decisions that will change their life for the better and share your own progress.
    • Educational groups -Become familiar with powerful tools like Seeking Safety (SS) and Illness Management Recovery (IMR) to feel more prepared to deal with the challenges associated with recovery.
    • Coping skills group – Learn to challenge and replace your automatic thoughts through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), tolerate distress and practice radical acceptance through DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and discover your values and develop mindfulness through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).
  • Intensive family program

    • Use our weekly program to share your growth with family members and allow them to receive support from our team as well.

What’s stopping you from taking the steps today to make a life in recovery your reality?

With the right support, we know that you can feel confident about your recovery and take steps towards a happier and healthier, more authentic you. Our residential program, located in Wimberley, Texas, is equipped with the most effective treatment methods and practices to help you get what you need to become your best self. You already have what it takes, but we can help you find the way.

Is the Growth District Right for Me?

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