Yoga Therapy Program

Yoga is a powerful form of therapy that creates harmony within the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga has therapeutic benefits that assist in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Right Step Hill Country offers a yoga therapy program as a part of our Texas substance abuse treatment programs.  

a group of women participating in a yoga therapy programThrough yoga therapy programs for addiction, we can help you restore balance to your life as you continue with your primary treatment. We incorporate the elements of yoga that align with needed lifestyle changes to promote real change – not just end addiction. When combined with evidence-based therapy, support groups, and other forms of care, yoga brings you one step closer to lifelong recovery.

To find out more about our yoga therapy program in San Antonio, TX, contact us today. At Right Step Hill Country, the first step is yours. We’ll help with the rest.

Yoga Therapy: Your Journey to Recovery

Chances are, if you are in rehab for drug or alcohol addiction, you are seeking ways to restore your physical and mental health. Substance abuse can break down the essential elements of the body. You may not realize just how bad you feel until you finally break free of drugs or alcohol. 

A yoga therapy program in San Antonio, TX, seeks to restore the physical and mental attributes of your body more fully. Breathing and stretching techniques help the body to heal. Your Right Step Hill Country therapist can meet you where you are and help you achieve your goal to feel better and look better.

Why We Use Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Although yoga therapy programs for addiction do not replace traditional treatment, they enhance your recovery in unique ways. Some of the benefits of a yoga therapy program include:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and similar disorders
  • Improving your circulation, digestion, immune, and central nervous system performance
  • Engaging in mindfulness and meditation
  • Increasing our strength, endurance, and motivation to beat your addiction
  • The ability to do yoga anytime, anywhere, with anyone

Addiction can lead to insomnia, poor diet, chronic pain, and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. Yoga can bring focus, balance, and discipline back into your life. Our yoga therapy program starts with the basics of yoga and slowly works you into intermediate and advanced techniques. 

Mindfulness: A Key Component of Yoga Therapy

When you first start your treatment at Right Step Hill Country, you may not know what led you to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Recalling memories or trying to find answers can be painful. Your therapist will help you address these issues through evidence-based talk therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or dialectical behavior therapy.

Yoga can reinforce this type of therapy through mindfulness or meditation exercise. Mindfulness is a key component of yoga therapy. It seeks to heal the mind, body, and soul together to create balance. Mindfulness helps you to become aware of your thoughts without resisting them. 

When you are aware of your negative thoughts, feelings, or beliefs, you have the power to manage them or replace them with positive mental activity, such as a yoga therapy program.

Find Out More About Our Yoga Therapy Program

Are you ready to reclaim your life free of substance abuse? We are here to help. Right Step Hill Country can help you through every phase of your recovery, including drug or alcohol detox, inpatient rehab treatment or outpatient rehab, and relapse prevention. Regardless of how severe your addiction is, we provide long-term recovery solutions that work for you.

To find out more about our yoga therapy program and other treatment programs, call us today at 1.844.675.1628


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