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Individualized Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Austin

Everyone’s addiction story is unique! Every person who begins the journey to addiction recovery is facing challenges that are unique to them. We take the time to understand those challenges and give each client the tools they need to thrive in recovery. 

Program Summary

Our alcohol and drug rehab center will use a holistic approach to treating addiction. When clients come to our treatment center, we screen them for substance use disorder, co-occurring mental health conditions, and medical care needs. 

The Advantages of an Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Austin

Treatment Phases

Research indicates that individuals who attend detox and rehab at the same treatment center are less likely to return to use and more likely to remain drug and alcohol-free. It is often a good idea to find a treatment center that offers an aftercare plan after the rehab process is complete. 


– Cleanse –

Our first goal is to address the client’s physical dependence on substances, allowing them to detox safely. Specialized medications and therapeutic options can help them manage withdrawal symptoms that they may experience. 


– Understand –

Once the client’s withdrawal symptoms dissipate, the next step is to begin the rehab process. During the alcohol and drug rehab process, clients will work to understand why they started using substances and begin to develop coping mechanisms they can use outside of treatment.


– Apply –

Once clients have completed the rehabilitation process, the next step is to transition into our aftercare program. This phase allows clients to return to their homes and put what they’ve learned into practice. They will continue to get support as they maintain a sober lifestyle.

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Services Available at Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Austin

During the detox and rehab process, clients will receive a mix of services that have proven effective in recovery.

How Much Does an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Cost?

Paying for addiction treatment

The cost of our alcohol and drug rehab center at Right Step Hill Country is different for everyone. Why? We develop personalized plans based on each individual’s specific addiction, background, and mental health needs. We work with most insurance providers in the U.S. to provide the best coverage while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs. To see if your provider will cover your or a loved one’s treatment, verify your insurance: 

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