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Will I Need Extended Rehab Care?

It can feel scary when you’re facing a drug or alcohol addiction. It’s common for people to abuse drugs or alcohol for years without realizing how much their substance use is affecting them. But making the choice to change your life for the better is a strong one. You have courage because you’re taking the first step which is acknowledging that you have a problem. But after having that realization, you may not know how long it will take you to recover. A lot of people find themselves wondering, “Will I need extended care rehab?” The answer to that question depends on your personal use history and how ready you are to embrace real change.

Until a specially trained expert accesses your circumstance, no one really knows how long you’ll have to stay in a rehab center. How long you’re there is based on many different factors. One thing is certain; your time in rehab care is up to you. Here’s some good news. Ultimately, you’re in total control of your recovery journey.

How to Prepare for the Rehab Admissions Process

It’s best to call or meet with a rehab admissions counselor in Texas when you’re unsure of what to do next in your quest to defeat addiction.

The health professional will review your:

  • Mental health history
  • Any diagnoses of mental health disorders
  • Medical history
  • Past drug usage
  • Present drug usage

Analyzing that information enables the skilled specialist to figure your treatment needs. The expert can then address your treatment needs and give you a realistic reply to “Will I need extended care?” In rehab, you have an entire community of professionals who have worked with people who have become addicted and moved on to have fulfilling lives. Psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, and other professionals are devoted to your victory over addiction.

Will I Need Extended Rehab Care for My Addiction?

Since everyone’s experience is different, various addiction treatment programs in Texas are available to match your situation. Customized care Is the only option for your positive recovery outcome.

After your assessment, you should ask the specialist, “Will I need extended rehab care?” You might or might not require admission to the rehab center.

If it’s decided to move forward with rehab care, you may need one or more of the following treatment plans during your stay:

  • A 12-step program focused on developing skills to cope better
  • Therapy involving art, recreational-based, and music
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Addiction behavior educational programs
  • Family and individual therapy options
  • And more …

The goal is to uncover what triggers your addiction. Sometimes a same-gender therapy group may enable you to speak freely about issues than one that includes the opposite gender. A comprehensive rehab center will provide that option, should you require it.

Quality Rehab Centers Have Your Best Interest in Mind

A recovery rehab center that is serious about your process of gaining back your health has a location that offers you privacy along with a scenic atmosphere. Its staff recognizes that a relaxed, calm environment is important to your short-term recovery so that you can focus on getting well in the long run.

Successful substance abuse treatment programs in Texas provide the right environment and trained staff to help you build inner strength to overcome your addiction. To answer your question, “Will I need extended rehab care?” Well, it’s unknown. When you make the commitment to becoming healthy, you’ll begin to notice your progress. As you gain confidence, it’s likely to impact your rehab which may result in a shorter stay. Call 1.844.675.1628 to speak with an intake coordinator at The Right Step. A better life awaits you, come and get it.

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