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Married couple talking about being a functional alcoholic and alcohol abuse

Is Your Partner a Functioning Alcoholic? 4 Helpful Tips

It’s not easy to realize and accept that alcohol abuse has become part of your partner’s life. Are they a functioning alcoholic? You may see it more quickly than your partner does. You may recognize that drinking is increasing in frequency and amount. Your partner may seem irritable or nervous when they haven’t had a …

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woman staying sober during coronavirus

Staying Sober During Coronavirus

In an instant, COVID-19 brought us countless new worries about our health, our families, our jobs, and our safety. If you are someone who is prone to substance abuse or even just filled with anxiety, you may have trouble staying sober during coronavirus. The public health response to the pandemic has forced us into an …

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couple dealing with being quarantined with an alcoholic spouse

Quarantined with an Alcoholic Spouse

Over just a few short weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. The decision to issue statewide stay-at-home orders was vital to preserve public health. But the orders did not come without consequences. The Right Step Hill Country is here to help you if you are quarantined with an alcoholic spouse and are suffering from …

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family members wondering if their loved one is an alcoholic

Is My Loved One an Alcoholic? The Signs of Alcoholism

A common question for those with little experience of living with alcoholics – Is my loved one an alcoholic? If you suspect that your loved one is deep into heavy drinking, observe them for some basic warning signs and symptoms. Sometimes you may fail to notice when someone close to you is battling alcoholism until …

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emotional effects of alcohol

Emotional Effects of Alcohol

The emotional effects of alcohol may include feelings of euphoria, relaxation, pleasure, mood swings, depression, anxiety, sadness, and anger. There are several factors that determine how alcohol affects a person’s emotional state. Furthermore, why a person drinks also factors into how they will feel once they consume alcohol. Constant binge drinking often leads to mental …

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