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Can Mindfulness Meditation Work For Addiction?

Addiction is a serious problem that many people face today. Some experts even consider addiction to be a serious disease plaguing humanity. No matter how much we want to stop using drugs or alcohol, the treatment process can seem insurmountable. But there are many new treatments available today, including meditation, that may help you beat addiction. Read on to learn more about how mindfulness meditation can work for addiction.

Some people escape life’s challenges through the use of drugs and alcohol. This method of dealing with problems only avoids addressing the root causes. As a result, our body and mind can become reliant, and addicted, to the use of drugs and alcohol.

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

Meditation is a mental activity that develops increased awareness and attention to your surroundings. It acts to dampen your reactions to thoughts and feelings. There is no standard way to meditate. It can focus on bodily sensations, breathing, or a word or phrase. This type of meditation is known as mindfulness meditation, which acts to reduce distractions and to enhance your focus on the present moment.

Can Mindfulness Meditation Work for Addiction?

Meditation can be a valuable part of any treatment program, including:

Meditation helps addiction in many ways. Read on to learn more about the ways that meditation can be an effective treatment for addiction:

Releases Endorphins

Meditation releases endorphins, which is a chemical that induces feelings of happiness and contentment. These feelings are so strong that the “meditator’s high” has been found to be stronger than the “runner’s high.

Satisfies Cravings

Anyone going through addiction knows how powerful the urge to satisfy your craving can be. Meditation can be extremely effective at allowing your mind to focus on other things and ignore your cravings. In essence, meditation neutralizes your urges. Cravings become nothing more than another random thought in your mind.

Releases Dopamine

Dopamine improves your mood. Addicts experience a rush of dopamine every time they use drugs or alcohol. In fact, the rush of dopamine after a fix is a primary reason why addicts want more drugs and alcohol. But through meditation, you get the same rush of dopamine, but without the crash! Being happy fills any holes in your life that previously needed to be filled by drugs or alcohol.

Can Be More Effective than Drug Treatment

A landmark study looked at 78 prison inmates addicted to substances over three months. For ten days, the inmates learned how to meditate. Inmates that meditated for three months drank almost ninety percent less alcohol and reduced marijuana usage by eighty-nine percent. Meditation was more than five times more effective than a traditional treatment plan for chemical dependency with the control group.

Allows You to Take Back Control

Many people feel like they are not in control of their life or have been led to their current position with little ability to change it. Instead of living on autopilot mode, being aware of every thought, action, and experience can make all the difference.

Meditation forces you to face your problems. This quality is important for anyone but is especially valuable for addicts. This natural cure to addiction is finding a sustainable way to deal with problems without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Advantages of Mindfulness Meditation for Addiction

Meditation offers a number of important benefits in recovering from addiction, including:

  • Meditation addresses the root cause of addiction- unhappiness
  • More effective than traditional drug treatment
  • Releases dopamine
  • Lets you control your urges
  • Meditation gives a “natural high”

Use Mindfulness Meditation to Beat Addiction

There are many ways to enjoy being sober and live a happy and satisfying life without the use of drugs or alcohol. And meditation can help you achieve this state of mind. For details on how meditation can benefit you, contact Right Step Hill Country at 1.844.675.1628 today!

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